Thanksgiving Every Thursday

attitude of gratitude

Every Thursday is Thanksgiving at Three Bags Full Cafe. I don’t mean we serve turkey and all the trimmings, I mean we show our gratitude. Many years ago, long before I arrived on the scene, John, the owner began opening the cafe’s doors to anyone in need of a hot meal on Thursdays. It started with Thanksgiving Day back in 1995 and has been a weekly tradition since. According to John it doesn’t have to be November to celebrate good eats, each other and count our blessings.

Our Thursday tradition goes like this: John asks folks to pay whatever they can afford for their meals and a bill is just a formality. Some choose to pay full price, and even a bit more while others pay a buck. John has earned his place in heaven according to the town’s people. He must take a hit, but he doesn’t see it that way. Just a few days ago, he had his vehicle fleet inspected to see about improving his locally owned family run Dayton Limo Company. He explains that with improvements to the cars it’s a way he can provide a better service and give back more to the community.  Continue reading » Thanksgiving Every Thursday