About Three Bags Full Cafe

Hello and thank you for being a part of our readership. We are a family run blog site that covers ‘a day in the life’. Our cafe is middle America from opening to close. The people who walk through our doors to enjoy a tasty meal range from spiked hair, teens to everyone’s Mom and Pop, to musical phenoms with instruments in hand, to any number of interesting characters. For whatever the reason the Three Bags Full Cafe has a sort of magnetic attraction that draws in the bolder flavors of life.

Our staff is part of that attraction. John, the owner and kitchen manager, is the glue that keeps it all happily stuck together. John is a rotund (he wouldn’t like it if I called him fat) kinda guy with prematurely white hair and a close cropped beard. He has the personality of a giant, but only stands about 5’4” and fills the big shoes of our modest cafe. Billy, the short order cook has tats from forehead to foot. His white shirt and pants almost glow in contrast to the dark ink that adorns his limbs. He’s the quiet one and has the focus of a neurosurgeon when getting orders out hot and tasty. Carlos keeps the kitchen chattering with his salsa music playing in the background. Carlos immigrated to the US seven years ago from Guadalajara, Mexico and always seems to be smiling. John dubbed him with the name Sonriendo (smilely). Our wait staff – of which I am one, is currently comprised of Beatrice, Kelly Rad, and me, Joannie. We are quite the crew. We love what we do and want our visitors to love coming in and spending a dime at the cafe. There are stories to tell as we have formed a little family that share the Cafe as our common ground.

My blog is about inviting you to share some time at the Cafe even if you are half-way around the world. Read my stories and laugh and cry with us. Join our cafe family as we come in each day with open arms, minds and hearts.


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